Katharine L. Morse, D.O.M.                                               386-365-8185
Acupuncture Physician                                                                        morse.katharine@gmail.com                 
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My education at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine was a 4-year program specializing in the diagnosis of internal diseases utilizing the many diagnostic techniques, including a comprehensive pulse diagnosis, that can be found in Oriental Medicine. 

Patients  come to my clinic  for various reasons and ailments and are looking to be educated about their conditions in order to understand how they can become more active and effective in their healing process. Some patients are afraid of the needles, there are other methods of treatment in Oriental Medicine beyond acupuncture; we also do cupping, moxibustion, nutritional consultations, lifestyle consultations, Qi Gong, herbal formulas, a full diagnosis and history and TuiNa (asian bodywork) in our clinic. If you would like to have more information about what to expect or you are interested in scheduling an appointment eMail me.  I can also provide my patients with an individually customized herbal formula based on the diagnostic findings.

Proper diagnosis is crucial in treating a patient and obtaining optimum results.  My clinic places a strong emphasis on all aspects of oriental medical diagnosis including the science and art of contemporary pulse diagnosis.

Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is what Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine is best known for. This extensive and comprehensive diagnostic technique is an ancient art which studies the 28 pulses on each arm. Each position tells us something about every organ, the function of the organ and how the organs contribute to the body by way of Qi and blood as well as the health of tissue, fluids and homeostatic process within the body as well as its preventative abilities that can read serious disease potential 1-3 years in advanced.

I am also a practitioner of Toyohari acupuncture a non-needle insertion technique especailly suited for those who are afraid of needles or who are sensitive to needles.  Children also respond well to this technique. 
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